"I selected BooksOnDemand.com because it is perfect for my company, KLR Publishing’s needs. I had a large print company that I was originally working with but their prices were too high, their customer service needed improvement, and I could only place large orders with them. I believed that BooksOnDemand.com was best for achieving the desired results for KLR Publishing based on my initial contact with BooksOnDemand.com’s representatives. I was having some manuscript format problems and they advised me on the best solution and solved the problem promptly. My printing needs were met to my satisfaction and delivery of the product was reliable and timely. BooksOnDemand.com helped make needed changes to my book covers. They also helped convert the manuscript from a non-PDF format to PDF. The result of working with BooksOnDemand.com is that I can plan book ordering and distribution without concern of delivery of books from BooksOnDemand.com. I am a satisfied client. After having worked with ..."

Alton Roundtree – KLR Publishing

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