"I am very pleased about the customer service given to me by BooksOnDemans.com. I selected them specifically because of their satisfied customers, friendly employees, they are professional and dependable, and great records of proper care. This company helped me very much with helping to put my book together so that it could be published. I feel that working with BooksOnDemand.com is successful because my book has made people laugh, cry, and relate to similar problems. To see how well they have done their work, look at my book 'My Favorite Childhood Memories Forever' on BarnesandNobles.com and Amazon.com. About the author (if possible add photo “Roy Aarons Photo.jpg” here) – Roy L. Aarons is an author who loves his job. He was born in Pensacola, Florida. His birthday is on December 5, 1944. Roy L. Aarons went to the school of Booker T. Washington Sr. High. He was the graduating class of 1962. He is residing in New York City. The book he has published is called “My Favorite Child..."

Roy L. Aarons

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